Why Your Company Needs Our BPM Software

One of the biggest concerns you should have is increasing productivity. Providing your employees with things like business process management solutions is important to maximize each hour in their workday. If you don’t invest in BPM solutions, you could lose your competitive edge. When working with the business process management software offered by Sensys Technologies, you can take advantage of a number of benefits.

Fully Customise Your Workflow Processes With Our Software

One of the most popular features of our process workflow software is the customizable workflow process. In this section, you can drag and drop what you want into your workflow with ease. Once you have the rules and conditions in place for the workflow, you can save it and implement it. With our customized software solutions, getting exactly what you need is simple.

Setting Up Notifications

What good is a BPM software program without a notification feature? With our software, you can easily set up online and offline notifications. These notifications will ensure you and your employees know what needs to be done and what is complete.

Get Access to All Workflow Reports

Keeping track of the progress made during a project is easy with our workflow reports. Managers and business owners can pull these reports and review them on a regular basis. If there are any issues, the reports are a good way to identify them, helping you keep track of your team and their productivity.

Our Business Process Management Solutions Features

When investing in our BPM solutions, you can take advantage of the following features:

  • Cost Effective

    Investing in our BPM software saves money. This software will allow you to design and automate a variety of processes with ease.
  • An Extensive Toolbox

    Our business process management software has an extensive toolbox designed to make the creation of digital forms and workflows simple. This web-based software allows you to access and manage a number of tasks quickly and efficiently.
  • Communicate More Efficiently

    Many system administrators choose our process workflow software because they don’t have to do much programming to implement it. This allows them to communicate easier without having to invest a lot of time into the installation process.
  • Low Overhead

    Our software is designed to be both lightweight and affordable. Unlike our competitors, our software is more efficient and features a quality BPM suite.
  • Web-Based Modeling

    Our customised software solutions feature a web-based modeling system. The main idea behind this system is to provide users with the quick developing and implementation needed for their business processes.
  • Rule-Driven Software

    Our customised software development team believes in providing business owners with the freedom needed to use this software as they need. The rule-driven software makes it easy to audit, automate and enforce practices and policies.
  • Creation Dashboard

    If you are looking for a way to customize the interfaces you use for tracking various tasks, our software is what you need. Our easy-to-use dashboard makes it simple to build and implement customized work interfaces.
  • Drag and Drop Form-Builder

    What could be simpler than a drag and drop style form-builder? With this tool, you can make the forms you need in a fraction of the time.
  • Real-Time Analytics

    Getting real-time updates on how the various projects are progressing is essential. Optimizing productivity and efficiency level has never been easier than with our software.
  • Mobile Versatility

    For most business owners, being able to take their process management solutions mobile is important. With our platform, once you build a new form or interface, you can share it across the mobile devices on your network.
  • Secure Content Management

    The integrated content management system featured with our software allows you to create and secure documents easily. Once you have updated a particular form or document, it will sync with all of the devices connected to your network.
  • Enhance Collaboration

    Among the biggest benefits of our software is the collaboration. Our program has a variety of message board and targeted content options ideal for bringing a team together.
  • Keep Your Team Engaged

    The software we offer works to inspire and help a team move toward a common goal. We offer things like a process wall and a question and answer board designed to keep members of your team in the loop.
  • Cloud based / On Premise System

    Our process management system is Cloud based / On Premise System. This allows you to keep a backup of all the documents you create without the extra steps.
  • Easily Print Process Documentation

    In some cases, business owners want to provide their workers with something tangible when establishing new workflows or processes. With our system, printing off documentation will be fast and easy.
  • Process Mining Capabilities

    Are you having issues with workflow processes breaking down and can’t figure out why? The process mining capabilities built into our software gives you the answers you have been looking for.
  • Workflow Notifications

    Being able to automate essential workflow processes is a great way to save time and stress. When automating workflow processes with our software, you will receive real-time notifications to let you know what is going on.
  • Data Entry Checks

    Making sure the data you enter is correct should be a top priority. Our software will alert you when it feels as if incorrect data has been entered. With this data entry check, you can eliminate costly errors.
  • Use Different Channels to Reach Customers

    Being able to create forms and implement them in a number of places allows you to connect with customers. Whether you want to reach customers with a form via Facebook or your website, our software can help.
  • Save Time on Form and Workflow Builds

    If you are like most business owners, free time is at a premium. Our software allows you to build forms and workflows in a hurry.
  • Easily Schedule Tasks

    Do you have reports that go out at the same time each month? Stay on top of these documents by creating reminders. Our software strives to provide the end user with convenience and efficiency.
  • Assign Roles

    For most businesses, there are certain things they will only want upper management to see. You can easily limit what each employee is able to access by creating roles within our software.
  • Track Changes in Documents and Applications

    Being able to track the changes within the documents and workflows you create is important. With this ability, you can restore previous versions of a workflow without issues.
  • Turn Data Into Usable Information

    Having the ability to analyze the data created by your company can provide you with a number of helpful insights. Our software will provide you with a spreadsheets and pivot charts of your data.
  • Get Updates Delivered to Your Smartphone

    Most business owners and employees do a lot of work out in the field. Being able to get updates about your workflows and processes delivered to your smartphone will keep you informed, regardless of where you are.
  • Speedy Development

    When it comes to developing the right business process management software, you shouldn’t have to wait. Our developers work hard to get the software development process done quickly and efficiently so you can start using your system as quickly as possible.
  • Instant Changes

    Our business process management software puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to customization. Each of the changes you make to the workflow processes takes effect instantly, which allows you to make sure the correct alterations have been made.
  • Central Management

    Being able to manage everything from a central location is essential to smooth business operations. With our central management system, you can control every aspect of your business processes from one place. We make it easy to set alarms, schedule tasks, track project progress and more.

Sensys Technologies is here to offer you the customised software development you need to take your business productivity to the next level. Contact us today.

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